Melanin (the human chlorophyll) absorbs strongly all wavelengths of the electro magnetic spectrum, that means visible and invisible, and this photonic energy is then turned into chemical energy by dissociation of water molecule. We are going beyond to heightening our working team to a multidisciplinary one mainly for scientific and social- based aims. Medical modulation of Human photosynthesis allows the improvement of diseases in a extraordinary manner. Basically because perhaps the majority of common illnes begin with a turn down of the process of water dissociation, and when the hydrogen levels are low, then the cell goes into a malfunction. Due to every organism is different, then the pacient has different manifestations. Some people make arthritis, other Alzheimer Diseases, another one Parkinson Disease, Athsma, Pulmonary fibrosis, Hepatic cirrhosis, renal failure and so on. When our patients begin to take QIAPI 1, two drops sublingually, each three ours, the therapeutic results are amazing even for ourselves. Experience thaught us that when human photosynthesis is turned down in a acute form, edema and hemorrhage ensue,(the majority of the diseases began in this way), however when the process is chronic then will have an organism with low levels of hydrogen into the cells and sooner or later fibrosis will develop. In example: an alcohol cup turn down human photosynthesis during days, and when the intake is at week ends during years, the patient will develop fibrosis, clasically; in liver.

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